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FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 2:00am PST
irs heading your way all thanks to obama care. here i-94 to break them down for us is diane macedo from the fox business network. >> that's right. the irs is releasing the rules on how to implement the new taxes that will take effect in 2013 to help pay for the affordable care act. one of the main runs is 3.8 percent sir tax on the investment income. the first tax ever to be applied to capital gains and dividend income. it is a broad range of investment securities and those making thmore than 200,000 a ye and married couples making more than 250,000. they are set to pay a .9 percent healthcare tax on their wages. together the two taxes are supposed to raise 318 billion over ten years. over those years more and more people will be taking them because the income level triggered the taxes doesn't rise with inflation. any one planning to sell a house make more than 500,000 and those gains will also be taxed. they will release a new form for taxpayers to fill out. 1230 returns related to all of the new taxes. all of the rules make it harder for individuals to comply with the regulations
FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 2:00am PST
lawsuit over immigration rights. for driver's licenses for young immigrants. those young people were given work permits and avoided deportation under president obama's dream act. they claim not having a driver's license makes it difficult for them to go to school and work. they call brewer's move unconstitutional. >> cot sound of your baby crying actually be a sign of autism? there is new research that suggests pitch and the crying of babies as young as 6 months could determine their risk to develop autism. the higher more variable the pitch the grart the risk of a-- grart the risk of autism. they help the information can help identify children at risk for the disease much earlier in life. >> so sweet, though. >> talk about a very close encounter with a hump back whale. >> oh my god. that's -- >> the whale getting very close to a small canoe in australia as you heard it actually made the little girl that was taping the whole thing that little squeak you heard made her nervous. she was in a boat when a giant whale swam up to them and under the canoe. luckily they were just fine. that's your
FOX News
Nov 29, 2012 2:00am PST
hold since senator mccain has once again become one of president obama's harshest critics. >> all right beater dos see, thank you so much. >>> now to stories that you can bank on this morning and cyber monday a huge success. how big was it? >> good morning. well, i got a message from one retailer that said thank you you almost crashed our site. that was our message on cyber monday. they received nearly two orders per second four times the rate of a normal day and that comes from the data firm commerce. revenue was up 25 percent over last year. the average price was 8 percent higher as well. all this because of social media and pr blitz by many of the small businesses. >>> organization that could use money that could use help is the u.s. postal service. they have a plan to help them survive. >> they have a plan the problem is you have heard it before. he has a way to make money. the agency is not asking congress for money even though they have 15 billion this year. they are cutting benefits from 5 billion to 1 billion. just that will put the agency in the black next year and then the pos
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3